Tyranny of Dragons

The Chronicle: Session 25

Excerpt from the Journal of Arranis Amakiir:

Evening, 2 Marpenoth 1489 (Year of the Warrior Princess)

We vanquished the hobgoblins and rescued Newall Rutherford. Then, mere hours later, we came upon a man buried in the dirt up to his neck with “OATHBREAKER” written on his forehead in blood. He is not a follower of Oghma and is a liar to boot and I trust him as far as I can throw my horse without arcane aid. However, all things are the will of Oghma and I have decided to teach him of Oghma and cure his heathenish ways.

His name is Caval of Westgate.

His story is odd and full of falsehoods. He loved a woman and wronged her, or she left him? Or perhaps he was a spy? It seems as though he is somehow connected to the Harpers, as are Bloom and Ruisar, but I am dubious. There seems to be something amiss here. However, despite my misgivings, I am sure that Oghma will lead us towards the light of understanding soon.

I went to the tavern in search of Gabriel in order to discuss removing the enchantment from the man driving the wagon with the gargoyle. I spotted Caval there as well and I used the opportunity to engage him in a lengthy discussion about Oghma, thinking that perhaps this was an situation divinely sent to teach him the error of his ways. However, as is the way with all good things, we were interrupted; Harpies attacked the caravan.

Our young druid almost died, and our caravan leader fully died, but eventually we were able to defeat them. One tried to fly away when she saw her sisters dead on the ground, but Blood made sure she would not get away.


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