Tyranny of Dragons

The Chronicle: Session 21

Excerpt from the Journal of Arranis Amakiir:

Morning, 27 Eleint 1489 (Year of the Warrior Princess)

After leaving Silvershield’s estate we were all surprised by the amount of nightsoil and goldflow that was in the streets of the Upper City. Fearing that the trash monsters that Gabriel and Robbie had faced might be plaguing the street cleaners, we decided to seek out them out to ensure their safety. After asking a guard who pointed us towards the docks, we eventually ended up at Jopalin’s; a lively festhall full of the poor, dirty, and rugged.

It was here that many of the nightsoil carts were parked and it seemed that we had found the leader of their guild. However, upon coming to this place we heard rumors that the dwarves of the Shattershield family had been behind the defacing of the statues; Millie had told old Bertha that.

At Jopalin’s, we talked to a Dwarf and his two men, Brem and Braun. We basically discovered that the street cleaners were fine, they were simply being paid by the Guild to not work, so they didn’t. We decided to move on since they clearly did not need any protection.

Upon leaving the tavern, Gabriel walked up to a Wanted poster. It held a depiction of himself! It was slightly down the street from a new edict showing that it was now illegal for people to be in the Upper City past three bells in the afternoon if they did not reside there. We discussed the matter and decided that we needed Duke Silvershield’s help to clear up the issue around Gabriel. I used the arcane arts to make him pass unseen as we walked through the gates and into the High House of Wonders…

…and wonderous it was! There were many inventions and workshops all striving towards the creation of new knowledge of the application of knowledge in new and exciting ways! They had large stones that seemed to be floating in mid air but actually were held up by an ingenious system of pulleys and levers! Somehow it managed to chime the bells so that everyone would have an accurate depiction of the time throughout the day without looking at the sky.

Additionally, they had two heavy doors to the High House of Wonder that looked as if they could withstand an entire army! We were told that they had never been shut in living memory because inspiration strikes at all times of the day and night. Truly, a marvelous place. Their library held much information about the new developments of different sciences and I am sure that there are many mysteries to the natural world that could be solved by simply pursuing their volumes…. But I digress….

We were able to meet with Duke Silvershield in his office. He hastily agreed to all of our requests and said that he would see us later that night at Coran’s party. Additionally, he said that he would talk to Ulder Ravenguard at the party and that he would give us funds to procure rooms at the Three Old Kegs. Having received a new writ and the promise to smooth things over, we went to retrieve our fine garments from the Splendid Stripes and then washed up before heading to Coran’s Party.

Evening, 27 Eleint 1489 (Year of the Warrior Princess)

While the party started as a splendid affair, great food, marvelous dancers, and plenty of nobles for us to interact with, we were unfortunately unable to make the connections we sought that night. The Flaming Fist broke up the party and Gabriel and Robbie ran for their lives. I can’t blame them, really, we have no reason to trust the Fist, but it was an awkward affair since it left Ruisar, Bloom, and myself to be bound while the Fist chased down our friends. We came to a stalemate with the Fist when Robbie subdued half their number with the aid of magical wolves and Bloom helped us all escape.

We climbed up onto the rooftops and made our way to the docks where Dancer found us a seemingly abandoned basement to regroup in. After a few minutes of planning, Ruisar, Bloom and I went to collect our belongings from the Three Old Kegs and returned. It was accomplished through the use of magic and went without a hitch. We then camped out for the night in the basement while we tried to plan our next moves against the dragon cult.


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