Tyranny of Dragons

The Chronicle: Session 30

Excerpt from the Journal of Arranis Amakiir:

17 Marpenoth 1489 (Year of the Warrior Princess)

The ancient hag from the Shadow Realm surprised attacked us in the swamp. She summoned animated suits of armor to attack us as well, it was truly a ferocious battle and we lost Caval at the very beginning of it, along with Bloom’s sight (again). Hopefully Oghma will guide him to the light of enlightenment. Despite the challenges of the battle, we persevered and Snapjaw decided to make a gruesome shield out of the body of the Night Hag.

We continued towards our destination after giving a few farewells to Caval and we discovered a dead body floating in the water. After a few problems getting the corpse into the boat, we discovered that the Order of the Gauntlet had been looking into the pillaging in the area. The body was that of a female wizard who had lost her life here in the swamp, but she had several companions who may still be out there.

We pushed on, despite the dark omen the body of the lady had presented to us, and came upon more lizardfolk loading up treasure into a boat. In a keen flash of guile, Bloom convinced the lizardfolk not to make their delivery, and the lizardfolk agreed. In order to maintain plausibility, the lizardfolk destroyed their boat and left the treasure on the island. Hopefully we will be able to return for it later.

We pushed forward, not wanting to endanger the story of the lizardfolk, and arrived at the shore we were aiming for. As we pushed into the darkness, we were ambushed by what looked like snakepeople, more commonly known as Yuan-Ti. Their weapons did large amounts of poison damage and they blinded Ruisar in the battle. Luckily, we were still able to defend our lives in this horrid swamp. The time to enter the castle is nigh, but is our party ready? I pray Oghma will grant us the needed knowledge for victory.


DMCain DMCain

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