Tyranny of Dragons

The Chronicle: Session 31

Excerpt from the Journal of Arranis Amakiir:

17 Marpenoth 1489 (Year of the Warrior Princess)

Upon seeing that both Bloom and Ruisar were now blind, Gabriel asked for divine inspiration from Lathander and decided to cast a spell which removed their condition. Both men are now able to see again! When we have a moment of respite, I must ask Gabriel to transcribe this spell for me, though I fear it’s mostly a generous gift from his deity moreso than actual arcane magic. Perhaps Oghma can enlighten me in a similar fashion. We’ll see.

Snapjaw eventually led us to an outpost, where lizardfolk guards were stationed. We looked threatening enough that he convinced them we were sent by his deity, Semuanya, to help them defeat their enemy, the bullywugs. I immediately saw a crack in this belief, for why would a lizardfolk deity send humans and elves to help, but I decided it was wise to let them believe what they wish. Moments later, a group of rowdy bullywugs showed up. They definitely put the bully in bullywugs, because they treated the lizardfolk horribly, yelling insults and even harrased us for a password which we learned didn’t exist (we were introduced by Snapjaw as new cultists).

I can definitely see why the lizardfolk are chafing under the rule of these creatures, though I’m not yet sure how their rebellion will fare.

Early Dawn, 18 Marpenoth 1489 (Year of the Warrior Princess)

Soon enough we reached Castle Naerytar, which was somewhat quiet, and we could even make out the contraption on top, which must be the Farseer of Illusk. Snapjaw took us to one of the lizardfolk huts where we discussed our battle-plan. He was to spread the word of the rebellion but wait for word from Bloom’s familiar before attacking.

I then made Ruisar and Gabriel invisible and since Robbie was transformed into a spider crawling on Gabriel, he went invisible too. Bloom magically disguised himself as a cultist dressed in purple (a rather unattractive specimen I might add) and I donned the cult’s amulet, hoping it would prove enough to keep suspicion at bay despite my blue robes. We then proceeded to walk inside the castle.

My heart was pounding out of my chest as soon as we set foot inside that first muddy room but I played the part of an obedient new recruit and kept my head down and followed Bloom.

He led us into a courtyard, where three lizardfolk were training giant lizards while three bullywugs kept watch. Then he had to make a quick decision and turned right and went inside the first doorway.

We ran into another lizardfolk, who was attempting to create a weapon at the forge in the middle of the room but was failing miserably. Bloom asked for some information, pretending he was still new to the castle, then we left and crossed the courtyard.

The door we picked this time took us inside a large hall, where we could see tables, chairs and leftover food on one end and crates, barrels and chests full of treasure at the other end. Doors out of the room were at both of these ends, but before we could decide what to do, we were attacked by guard drakes! I ran, per Bloom’s instructions to the nearest door and hid. I did not want my concentration to falter and the invisibility to be dispelled.

My heart leapt out of my chest, however, when the doors we came in through opened and closed! I would later learn Ruisar had rushed back out. He must have attracted the attention of the guards in the courtyard for moments later they opened again and there stood a bullywug staring at Bloom being attacked by the drakes. Luckily, they didn’t seem to discriminate who they would turn on, so one of them attacked the frog man! He leapt back an impressive distance and started shouting orders in his language.

We managed to make a run for it and left the lizardfolk and bullywugs to deal with the drakes. We made our way to the northern door and went inside then up a flight of stairs. We ended up in the sleeping quarters of the cultists, so with the help of Dancer and a long rope we made our way to the rooftop through the windows, bypassing the sleeping quarters. Gabriel fell but my feather fall spell was able to prevent him from any significant damage, and he eventually made it to the rooftop too.

We asked Robbie to descend to the door of the tower we needed to go into (the one on top of which the Farseer could be seen) but he began spelling letters with webbing. We placed him on top of Dancer and off he went.

Eventually we made our way into the tower (the door was unlocked!) and up a flight of stairs. Before we could reach the landing, we saw an elf seated at a desk surrounded by five lizardfolk guards. We began whispering about killing them, and all I can hope is that Oghma guides my thoughts to the best course of action…


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