Welcome to the Sword Coast.


Running along the Sea of Swords from north of Amn to the Sea of Moving Ice, the Sword Coast is a narrow band of territory dominated by the city-states of the area that use the sea for trade. For most who care about such things, the area is delimited by Neverwinter in the north and Baldur’s Gate in the south, but territory farther to the north and south that isn’t under the sway of a more influential power is usually also included in maps of the Sword Coast.

This strip of land is now the scene for Tyranny of Dragons – a campaign that pits the players against the ever-growing threat of the Cult of the Dragon. For years, the evil Cult of the Dragon has devoted itself to creating undead dragons in a vain attempt to fulfill an ancient prophecy.

However, the cultists were misguided. They understand that now. For Tiamat, the queen of evil dragons, has languished in the Nine Hells for millennia and the cult now believes that the time of her return is at hand.

Will our heroes be able to thwart the Cult’s plans or will they perish in the process and let the world fall to the whims of a freed Dragon Queen?

Tyranny of Dragons

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